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Have you had your customers walk into your storefront, take a quick look around, and then walk away? I have, and it does not feel good…:(

In retail, it is crucial for customers to get a good vibe when they first walk into a store. The first impression of how the store is designed and how your products are displayed plays a huge part in making your sales. How might we achieve this? There are many ways to get customers to walk into your store and get them to feel comfortable to stay and shop. For obvious reasons, if customers don’t feel comfortable at the first minute they walk into a store they will walk out. But if they like how it feels when they walk in, then the chances of making a sale is higher.

You always want to display your hot selling merchandises in the front of the store. Do not clutter up the middle fixture of the store with too many products. Keep it simple and clean. If you are selling clothes, soaps, shoes or jewelery, this is where customers will come first and glance or feel the merchandise. Make sure to keep the fixture heights low enough so it is easy to feel and touch. Sometimes, it is also a good idea to put fresh flowers or something colorful to catch customers attention. Most women love flowers and color. Just choose flowers that have subtle fragrances. Most of my retail consulting clients have told me that every time they change or put a new bouquet of fresh flowers, their sales end up being pretty good for that day.

It is also good idea to keep products organized. Keeping items organized is so crucial. If you are the owner of the store and you walk into your own store, you will know where everything is. But look at it from a customers eye who has never walked into your store. Are all the products easy to see? Can they see what your store is about? is it easy for them to walk through the isles? Are there little fixtures that are making it too hard to walk? Take products off the floor, only stock inventory at that level. Are items displayed in a good flow?

I have seen in many stores where there are so many fixtures and too many products. I didn’t know where to start. Customers find this confusing and will walk away. If they see things are organized and not chaos, it feel as a safe surrounding to walk around. You can always play calm and sooth music. Another good tool is having a water fountain. The sound of water is very relaxing and soothing. Art work is also a great touch for walls. I have personally liked mirrors on the wall especially if your space is small. It really opens up the space and makes it look bigger.

In one of the articles I recently read while doing market research, it stated that most people are shopping when they feel stressed. In our modern lifestyle ( I don’t want to say it) but most people are stressed easily these days. So if they feel relaxed or calm, they will want to stay in the environment for a while, which gives them more time to browse your entire store, and increases the chance they will buy.

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