How To Open A Boutique

Our step by step guide will lead you by the hand and show you how to open the boutique business of your dreams.

How To Open Your Own Unique BoutiqueFrom:
Doug and Suni
Multiple Boutique Co-Founders (Online and Brick and Mortar)
Co-Authors of “How to Open Your Own Unique Boutique”

Dear Aspiring Boutique Owner,

Launching a boutique is a serious project that takes planning, effort, discipline, and just plain old hard work.

If your dream is to open a boutique, chances are your head is spinning with questions about how much money you will need, where funding will come from, where to find suppliers, how to lease a retail space, what your boutique’s specialty should be, and the biggest question is usually

“Where do I start?”

Before we answer that question, here’s a little background :

The authors of this ebook are the founding owners of Fiore La Jolla Boutique in beautiful of La Jolla, CA. Our boutique specializes in high quality Italian made bath and body, cosmetics, natural skin care products, and accessories.

We have a beautiful boutique (and that’s not being conceited – at least one customer gives us that compliment every day.) More importantly, we have a successful business, in one of the most affluent shopping districts in the United States (La Jolla.)

I think it is fair to say that what we have done with our boutique is no small accomplishment, and even more so considering that we have gotten this far in just under two years.  Not too bad, considering many small businesses (around 95%) don’t make it past their first year in business.

A few years ago, we both had full time jobs working for large companies. We had what many would call  “promising careers”: Decent salary, benefits, retirement, relative “job security”.

But as is typical for many workplaces throughout corporate America, there was a price to pay for “success”; long hours, difficult personalities, and the rat race politics that seem to be the norm in most organizations. It was draining us emotionally and physically, and the gratification we once felt in our jobs was vanishing quickly.

For similar reasons, we felt that starting our own business was the only way to create real financial security, independence, and freedom. After walking into a great boutique while on vacation, we realized this could be the perfect business for us; having our own boutique would be a great way to combine our interests and skills while building an asset for our future.

For both of us, the time had come for taking the plunge and starting our own enterprise, except for that burning question we talked about earlier: “Where do we start?”

Well we didn’t have a coach, a guide, or an ebook to point us in the right direction.  In fact, we wish we would have – it would have saved us lots of time, energy, and money! The fact of the matter is…

You can Start as Small, or as Big, as You Want to.

Our first retail space was not much bigger than a closet (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it was small…) But the key for us was that we created our vision, believed in it, and took action, one step at a time. Whatever we didn’t know how to do, we learned by research or trial-and-error, often the hard (and expensive) way.

The result was that we created a small but well presented boutique in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, CA, with a charming theme and a product selection that was truly unique.  We soon discovered, small or large… people loved it. The best part was, we accomplished this in a very short time, on a limited budget.

Only 9 months later, we had out-grown Cedros. “Cute and cozy” was great, but it was time to find a location that would allow our business to truly blossom. Within 30 days of shopping around for a new space, we had signed a lease for a larger, beautiful, high profile space in one of America’s most affluent and highly trafficked luxury shopping districts – La Jolla, CA (without credit checks or financial statements by the way.)

Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars by Learning from Us – Instead of Learning “The Hard Way.”

Our ebook course is the culmination of all of those experiences. It is a step-by-step guide on how to open a boutique, packed with all those difficult, hands-on lessons we learned the hard way.  It is a blueprint for how to create a boutique business. Basically, we felt compelled to create the resource we wish we would have had, to help others like ourselves achieve their goals with less headache, expenditures, and time than it took us to do so.

When we first opened a boutique, we didn’t have a resource like this – and I wish we did!  If so, we would have easily saved many thousands of dollars. The good news is that you have the luxury of learning from our experience, rather than trial-and-error (which can be expensive – trust us.)

We will show you step-by-step how to open a boutique.

We will give you practical advice, information, and resources on everything from:

  • The importance of creating a business plan.
  • The importance of knowing your market.
  • Finding your ideal location based on your market.
  • Getting the best price.
  • Where and how to find and establish relationships with suppliers.
  • Where to go for outside funding.
  • Creative ways to find inexpensive display fixtures.
  • Design and merchandising tips.

We’ll teach you all the lessons we had to learn the hard, and sometimes, expensive way, so that you won’t need to make any of the mistakes we did.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Should my boutique be a sole proprietorship, or a corporation?
  • How do I establish an inexpensive merchant account?
  • How do I tap into the power of the Internet to boost sales?
  • What kinds of tax savings and incentives can I look forward to?
  • What is the best and easiest way to track inventory?

At some point, leveraging the time and energy of employees will be a key to freeing up your time and energy – which is better spent building your business or enjoying the rewards of entrepreneurship. You’ll eventually want and need to know:

  • Great sources for finding qualified employees.
  • How to interview and hire.
  • Great, easy to use tools for calculating payroll taxes.
  • Why having employees can be crucial to reaching your goals.
  • Why you may want to franchise, and how to get started.

Actually, the list would be pretty long if we told you all the beneficial information you will find in our ebook, so click here to read the Table of Contents , for an overview of what you’ll get.

Lets face it, most people would like something more fulfilling than what their day job offers them – and this probably describes you if you’ve read this far. Many people are or have been at some point in their lives, burned-out or completely depressed about their job or career.

Unfortunately, many people never discover a simple, powerful fact: success and prosperity are a choice, and that choice can be yours. Anybody in the “free world” has the option of business ownership, which is the ultimate step for anyone who wants to set (or better stated, remove) their own limits for financial and time freedom.

With our course, you have an opportunity to make the decision, and the choice, to change your life for the better and start taking concrete steps towards business ownership and individual fulfillment that goes way beyond “a respectable salary”.

Take advantage of our latest test price while you still can!

We want you to learn from our experience, save thousands of dollars in “learn by experience” (expensive)  lessons, and open your own unique boutique.  In other words, we would love nothing more than to help you achieve your dreams, and as such, we are making our course available for a price that is fair and achievable for most everyone.  We are making our ebook course and the free bonuses available at this new low price as part of a marketing test, and it could go back to the regular price at any moment, so don’t hesitate to get your copy at the reduced price.

In addition, to assist you on your path to owning a boutique and making it more than worth the purchase price of this course, we are offering several bonuses:

Bonus Special Report # 1: Special Report: “Characteristics of Successful Salespeople” by renowned sales trainer and consultant Kelley Robertson. In this special report, Kelly talks about the attitudes and habits that lead to success in retail sales. A great read for anyone planning to start a business in retail, and a great training aid for new retail employees.

Bonus # 2: Think and Grow Rich (© 1937 by Napoleon Hill), in ebook format. This classic guide to achieving wealth, prosperity, and your fullest potential can not be overstated in value. I bought my first copy of this book 3 years ago, and it was instrumental in helping me make the changes in my thinking that were necessary before I would ever have the confidence and courage to pursue my own business. The cost of our course could arguably be justified by this one bonus alone. The authorities on the subject of wealth and success have agreed on the value of this classic written in 1937, the principals being every bit as true today as they were when the book was first published.

Bonus # 3: Free Updated Editions of “How to Open A Unique Boutique” For Life! That is right, we will be constantly adding to and refining the material in our course, and every time a newer release is published, you will be eligible for a copy! It will be emailed to you automatically upon release (unless you ask us not to for some reason.)

Bonus # 4: Free Future Bonuses – As we continue to develop our ebook course, we will also be adding additional bonuses to this offer. For example, we are currently preparing a special report called “Top Tax Breaks for Small Business Owners”. You will be eligible for this and any other new bonus that we offer in the future, and again, we will email those to you as they become available (unless you ask us not to.)

Our 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We started our business because we wanted to improve our lives while improving the lives of our clients with the best and healthiest product lines we could offer, because for us, business is only a success when it’s win-win. We feel no different about this course.

We know this course can be both the road map and the motivation you need to make your dream a reality. Nothing would make us happier than to see you do that, and do so successfully.  As such, we want to absolutely remove all possible risk for you.  Buy our course – and use it, act on it, pursue your dream, and improve your life. If for any reason you find this resource doesn’t’t live up to your expectations, let us know and we will provide you with a full refund. The course, and the 3 bonuses are of course yours to keep regardless. And this is a 60 day guarantee. Quite frankly, this goes beyond win-win. For you, this is a no-lose, definite-gain proposition.

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Success is a choice; and the choice is all yours right now,
so go for it!

All The Best,
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Doug & Suni


P.S. Keep in mind, the money you save by reading our course and avoiding some of the expensive mistakes we made will easily pay for the cost of this book many times over.

P.P.S. If you don’t order our ebook course, how long will it be before you take your life path seriously, take ownership of your future, and create business ownership for your self?

P.P.P.S. The *bonuses alone make our course an incredible offer that over-delivers on value. But, the guarantee makes it a no-brainer, no-lose, everything to gain proposition. (*Only available with purchase of electronic format – not included with hardcopy purchase.)

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